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Safety from the ground up

We have a long-term safety record and continue to implement new standards and practices to keep our staff, contractors and customers safe.

We are of the firm belief that our people are our future. To provide our staff with a safe, secure and uninhibited working environment allows them the room to create and work free from the concern of the safety of themselves and others. To create this danger free workplace Pipemakers invests heavily in the ongoing development and revision of stringent workplace safety standards.

Through this ongoing process of continual awareness we move beyond industry standards and ensure an environment of comfort and safety for our staff.

our people

Safety To New Levels

The development of a culture of safety and security is an integral part to the ongoing success that has seen pipemakers growth in the marketplace.

It begins with thorough training and education in the work environment leading to a greater understanding of associated risks.

The knowledge of these risks gives our staff the tools they require to navigate their specialist environments with confidence allowing them to continually contribute in our push for industry best product and standards.

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